Microsoft Moving On Up! Despite Declining PC Sales?

How can there be a decline in overall PC sales yet Microsoft does significantly better year over year? Windows 8 and Surface.

Today Microsoft announced the first major revenue report following the massive October launch season. This new information put Microsoft right on track and doing better than last year. How much better? Try 24% more revenue in the Windows division.

What does this all mean? This means that consumers may already have a computer at home but they want Windows 8 on it. And at $39 bucks a pop why not? Quite honestly we would be surprised if there was not profit in Windows because of the insane pricing of Windows 8. Microsoft’s calculated move of discounting Windows (but not too much so to turn a profit) actually worked and they have made a substantial amount of money.

But what happens when the price goes up? Windows 8 Pro jumps to $199 in February. How will this effect sales?

Let’s not forget we have a little thing called Surface Windows 8 Pro chomping at the bit to be your companion in life! (well, at least technologically) By our estimates the Surface Windows 8 Pro will sell in droves. Could Microsoft have stumbled onto their next “Xbox”?

Time will tell the answers to these questions of course but one things is for sure, we’ve got $21.46 billion dollars worth of news coming!


SOURCE: The Verge