Microsoft Offering 100,000 Bing Credits Via a Simple Tweet

Microsoft is pushing you to use Bing as much as possible. There is a new sweepstakes (one of many) that can land you a boat load of Bing credits. 100,000 to be exact. Now through June 10th, you’ll have the opportunity to win 100,000 Bing credits by tweeting a weekly question. You’ll have three chances to get in the sweepstakes as each week a different question will be asked for you to answer.

The reward is enticing as Bing credits can be redeemed for all sorts of Bing rewards, including Amazon gift cards, Xbox Live points, Starbucks cards and other nice treats. Of course, you could gain the credits by searching and using Bing the regular way, but winning 100,000 credits in one shot doesn’t sound too bad either. For one tweet a week, we say it isn’t that hard to do.

You can enter the contest here.