Microsoft removes support page that stated they would no longer produce Zune players

This is Zune. Never say die.

After Zunited broke the news that Microsoft had added a support page stating explicitly “We recently announced… we will no longer be producing Zune players,” the company has pulled that webpage off the Zune website. It’s the same thing Microsoft did yesterday once website goers noticed any and all Zune hardware products had been removed from the website: Microsoft re-added the Zune HD to its product lineup, citing it as a mistake.

The ZuneSupport Twitter account tweeted the following to someone who asked about the support page:

That site [the support page] was added to the Zune website in error. I apologize for any confusion that caused.

The support page link now redirects to a “page not found” sign.

Do you believe the oversight of having hardware in its lineup and including the support page was just that, a mistake? Or is the end truly nigh?

via WPCentral