Microsoft squashes Sept 15 Mango release rumor, reiterates fall timeline: ‘it’s not fall yet’

It’s September 15th, 2011, and while it may be the second anniversary of the Zune HD’s release, it’s definitely not the day Windows Phone 7.5 Mango makes its debut as the rumor mill had been predicting quite fiercely for about a month now.

Yesterday, a T-Mobile support page may have hinted that the update would be available soon. But we’re not quite sure.

In any case, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to Twitter and announced that today is not “Mango day.”

“9/15 isn’t Mango day, that was another rumor, folks,” he tweeted out earlier today. “We’ve been saying ‘fall’… it’s not fall yet!” He then proceeded to link to a website that shows the first day of autumn, fall, is Friday September 23rd. “Don’t jump to conclusions!” he later corrected.