Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 Release Date!

Surface Release Date


Surface RT

The Microsoft Surface is finally getting it’s send off and the good news is that you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it. The Surface RT model will be the first to be released. Surface Pro is rumored to be released some time in the year 2013. The Surface RT model does not have the classic desktop environment meaning no legacy Windows programs will work on it. A special privilege will be given to Microsoft’s Office Suite which will come bundled free with the Surface RT. Hey you win some you lose some. The special focus will be placed on the Metro/Modern Start Screen and it’s apps. The apps that Windows 8 RT will use are full screen and follow a design guideline Microsoft has created called Metro. Well it used to be called Metro before some legal complaints were made. It is now titled Modern style.

The Release

Surface RT will be available on October 26 right at midnight. In a strange move, Microsoft decided to sell it’s Windows 8 messiah only in the United States at the Microsoft Stores. If you don’t have a Microsoft Store near you don’t pack up and plan your journey just yet, the online Microsoft Store website should sell Surface devices as well. As an added insurance of target impact, Microsoft has also created a few makeshift stores in malls around the country. These stores should surface on October 26. Yeah that was a lame attempt at a Surface pun.

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Windows 8 Release Date

Windows 8 Pro will also be released along side the Surface. Windows 8 Pro’s major differentiator from Windows 8 RT is the desktop environment. Anyone who still needs some of the older Windows 7 desktop programs like Photoshop or Visual Studio will want to get this version. Windows 8 Pro will be available to anyone wanting to upgrade from Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP machines. Those who upgrade from these older versions of Windows through an online purchase need only pay $39.99. A special deal is currently going on in which you only pay $14.99 if you recently purchased a Windows 7 device. Here is the info straight from the Microsoft website.

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