Microsoft will ban Windows Phone 7 devices just like Xbox 360s

Just like Microsoft has once done with Xbox consoles, it seems the software giant will have no trouble permanently banning Windows Phone 7 devices if the consumer decides to “hack” their account for any reasons that go against Microsoft’s terms of service.

The guys over at WP Central delved deep into the Windows Phone 7 OS infrastructure and found a file that said:

This phone has been banned from Xbox LIVE for violating the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use. To protect the Xbox LIVE service and its members, Microsoft does not provide details about phone bans. There is no recourse for Terms of Use violations.

Apparently, when you receive the notice two things happen: (A) You don’t know why you haven been perma-banned besides Microsoft won’t tell you and (B) it’s over. As it so happens, Microsoft’s permanent bans are usually just that… permanent. The same is true for the Xbox 360 consoles of last year.

Those consoles were banned because they modified hardware and/or played illegally downloaded games (allegedly) so it’s unclear when, if ever, Microsoft will execute its banning powers on WP7–hardware modifications or jailbreaking attempts (doubtful since this little court, you may have heard of it, called the Supreme Court is on the jailbreakers’ side)? More than likely is that if you “hack” your LIVE account like you would on the console it will transfer over to the phone. Say, you play an illegally downloaded game on your Xbox, your console will be banned and then your phone will be banned from LIVE services. But of course, that’s just an assumption.

It’s all still too hazy.