Microsoft’s Metro is No More

Microsoft will no longer use the word “metro” to describe the live tile UI that it has been using for years now, since the Zune HD. This is a big hit to the companies branding as both windows 8 and windows RT have had their interfaces referred to as metro. Microsoft is retrofitting its former UI’s with the code name metro, and an actual industry name will be affixed to it shortly. An internal memo cites the reason to be from “discussions with an important European partner.” While it has not been stated out right who else participated in these discussions for a name change, law suits or threats of litigation have been dismissed as the real reason for why the name metro is no longer adhesive to Microsoft branding.















The current placeholder for the former metro is “Windows 8 style UI.” While it gets the point across very clearly, Windows 8 style UI is a very boring and bland (almost microsoft-esque) for a reference name. It is likely that the new name will be very hip and exciting; something that will easily stir up a bit of controversy and have plenty of style and flash since according to some, the new name will have several years worth of metro to undo. While apple affixes the lower case “i” to all of its products, it may be in the best interest of Microsoft to come up with a similar tag for its new products since it is jumping on the manufacturing wagon. iAnything gives a consumer the sense that they are looking at a quality product from Apple and many people have no reservations or exhibit little disinterest in hearing reasons to not buy that product. Since Microsoft is starting with a clean slate, in anticipation of its new products, which will all feature the same brand new UI, Microsoft may find benefits in developing a new rendition on the lower case “i.” While any association of terms like “quality” or “form and function” associated with any term given to Microsoft products will take years to develop, every journey starts with a single step.


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