New Bing Feature: Linked Pages

Microsoft has just unveiled a new feature for Bing called Linked Pages.

Have you ever searched for yourself on Bing or any other search engine only to be disappointed that you are no where in sight or all the search results show of other people with the same name as you? Well, Bing has just gone one step forward in removing those situations from ever occurring. Linked Pages allows you to curate Bing search results so that you can group your Facebook, twitter, blog, or any other websites you are associated with together.

The new Bing feature is now active giving you the tools to organize the web the way you see fit, try it out here. Linked pages even allows yo to organize your friends search results, with their consent of course. If you want to learn more about this new feature exclusive to the United States as of now here is a Link to a video demonstrating the new feature in action.

It is interesting that Microsoft’s Bing division is pumping out new features and apps but the website has not changed much. A HTML 5 version of Bing complete with Metro was long mentioned to come out. Do you guys believe we will see a new Bing page anytime soon?

[Source: Bing]