New Myspace Revamp Takes Cues From Microsoft’s Metro UI


Being a tech fan I jut had to see the new Myspace and wow, was it worth the wait. The new Myspace is no longer that lag central of a social site. The new site is focused on sharing music and music discovery. It seems as though some of the social features will come later. The design reminds me of Zune and the Xbox music app. There is a large feeling that the Myspace engineers looked at Microsofts Metro/Modern UI that is found on Xbox, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. That’s a good thing. Watch out tumblr your looking pretty outdated in terms of design.


The new Myspace is minimalist and clean. The entire screen is actually used well. Something Microsoft has yet to master.

We decided to do a comparison between both the Xbox Music app and the new Myspace. The reason we chose these two services is due to the fact that they are both music related. Finding music on the New Myspace is more reminiscent of Zune. On the new Myspace all you have to do is start typing. Zune had this feature as well and so does the Windows 8 start screen but the Xbox music app requires a tap on the search charm. Myspace handles search better than any service putting an importance on typography. Where have we heard that before *cough*?

 We really do love what Myspace has done with the place and hope they teach Microsoft a thing or two about design and music discovery. Sure the new Myspace will take some time getting used to but unlike Xbox Music it is actually fun to get lost in the new Myspace. Here is hoping that the new Myspace will prosper. That is something I thought I would never say. To get into the new Myspace follow this link.

Xbox Music Artist Page. Best Coast

Myspace Discover page. Trends show up here with no lag. Well done.