New Windows Phone Games Revealed

Just before the Microsoft press conference at E3, there have been some new game announcements for Windows Phone. Coming in the next couple of months, we’ll have the joy to experience Asphalt 5, Galaga Legion DX, Pool Pro Online 3 and many more. The new games will no doubt be explored more as E3 rolls out.

The great thing about all of these games is that they are in different categories rather than just pure puzzler games. Having variety really helps in broadening the audience for Windows Phone, and it’s good to see some titles being ported from Xbox Live Arcade be brought to Windows Phone as Galaga Legion DX is being done.

Of course, the most interesting game is Pool Pro Online 3, as it could bring in a new Live enabled game to Windows Phone, something that we have been sorely lacking and, frankly, wishing Microsoft would just bring to the table already. Here’s hoping new titles will be revealed through out the week.