New Zune HD apps in the Marketplace

It seems Microsoft isn’t ignoring its ZuneHD faithful. Today, there are new apps for your download enjoyment ranging from games to utilities. The list of apps includes:

Finger Paint
Trash Throw
Slider Puzzle
Splatter Bug
Vine Climb
Decoder Ring

Additionally, four previous apps get some updates. These are:

Penalty! Flick Soccer

This brings the total amount of apps for the Zune HD to 62. Not quite the equal to the 25,000+ apps that its bigger brother, Windows Phone, currently has. Either way, it’s nice that Microsoft keeps on giving us something to chew while we wait for a next batch, if one ever comes.

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UPDATE: A previous version of this article said Shuffle by Album and Zune Reader received updates. According to comments below, on Facebook, and on Twitter, that is incorrect. We have fixed that above.