Rumor: Next Xbox to be Named Xbox Infinity?

Let me preface this by saying that this is just me speculating based on certain things I have noticed, and code names that have been floating around. Most of this was put together based on this article.

First off, let’s discuss the first Xbox codename everyone is thinking about, Xbox 720. What is a 720? If you think about it, it’s 360 twice – two circles. Put both of those circles together, you get a Infinity symbol – but wait, there is more! The second codename given to the next Xbox was Xbox Loop and a loop can be made into an infinity symbol!

You’re probably thinking that I’m somewhat insane because there have been other codename’s like “Durango” and “Next Box” but the latest news that came today quickly alerted me. The Feed just posted an article about Microsoft registering the domain name “Halo:Infinity.” Now, why would Microsoft register that domain name when the game clearly will be called Halo 4? I also realize that Infinity is a popular Halo: Combat Evolved PC map, but why register a domain for just the map name? This is especially strange considering, Halo 4 will not use any previous game maps.

We will have to wait to see the official word from Microsoft next year. Microsoft recently announced that they would not announce a new Xbox this year, so it is more likely that they will focus on the Windows 8 and Xbox integration this year at E3.

(Update) It seems as though the multiplayer component on Halo 4 will have an “Infinity” mode. In the beginning of the article I did say I was speculating so remember this could or could not come to fruition. Only time will tell what Microsoft has in store for us. Hopefully it’s something better than “Durango”.


What do you think the next Xbox will be called?