Nokia Developing Windows 8 Tablet

Hot off the rumor mill this morning is that Nokia is apparently developing a tablet that will run Windows 8. While the Nokia Microsoft relationship has been going steady, we haven’t seen much from the couple so far. Their phones seem so close, yet so far away because we’ve been talking about them forever, but there aren’t many out there. It is obvious that the next logical step would be for Nokia to make an attempt in Tablet business; however, no one expected there to be leaks of schematics of such a tablet so soon. According to other sources, it will have a sturdy 10 inch screen and host a quadcore Qualcomm chip. If one were to imagine that Nokia would want this thing to be the least bit competitive, one could copy and paste screen resolutions wireless capabilities from the new iPad schematic sheet over to a Nokia schematic sheet.

This may be the place where Nokia shines. Android has made several attempts to put a dent in the iPad market share, but so far nothing has taken root in this iPad heavy market. As the public becomes more acclimated with Windows 8, buying a tablet that runs on the same interface may feel so natural that it would be preferred over an iOS tablet. Nokia’s success in the tablet market will be very dependant on Windows 8 success in the OS market. From the looks of the consumer preview, Windows 8 will not be a flop like its former Windows Vista. A Nokia Tablet sounds good after windows 8 has been out for some time and people become acclimated with the new system, and this makes the idea of a 2012 release date problematic. It won’t have much momentum going into the new year, as I predict it will serve much better at the end of 2013.