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Nokia Does Not Want You to Miss Another Call

Nokia has filed a patent for a magnetic vibrating tattoo that alerts you when you are getting a call. The patent is made of a material that is easily attachable to the skin and responds to changes in local magnetic fields and transmits a response that can be perceived by the user. This material is a ferromagnetic ink would be able sensitive to alternating magnetic fields like those capable of coming from iron, magnetite or neodymium. Such a tattoo could vibrate with different pulses for different people calling you, just like how you would set up different ring tones to let you know ahead of time who is calling. Obviously, this is an outrageous length to go to for the love of your phone, but the unfortunate part of this idea is that we all know people who would be willing to have such a thing done. The guy in this video did something crazy like this, and I’m sure he’d be one of the first in line to get this material etched into his skin. While this does seem a bit outrageous, there are some proposed alternatives that seem a little more sane. Stamps or sprays made of the same material would get the job done just as well, or even jewelry such as rings or necklaces or bracelets. I like the idea of patches or stickers that you can remove and throw away or store again for later use. It would even be possible for this technology to even reach outside of phone technology and into gaming. Instead of a vibrating controller we could have bands around our arms or legs or even vests that vibrate as a result of a response to an event within the game. This technology would also be perfect for industrial safety purposes. For workers in dangerous environments where toxic chemicals or radioactive materials are present, the vibration could alert them that they are in danger and reduce the number of accidents in the work place. While permanently tattooing your body so that you can stay on top of who wants to contact you seems a bit absurd, there are temporary ways of deploying this technology and for even better purposes as well.

Let us know with a comment below how far you would be willing to go to make sure you never missed a phone call.