Nokia Lumia 920 on Flickr: A Camera Phone Art Form


If you haven’t been paying attention, there has been a considerable amount of talk about Nokia’s Lumia 920 camera. In fact, Gizmodo gave it the top spot in a comparison against other flagship smartphones cameras, including the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III.

Now that the phone has been out for about five months since its reveal in the fall of last year, users have been privy to Nokia’s capable shooter and have collected into a well represented Flickr group. As of this post, 447 members have accumulated 1509 images (and counting) to its photo stream.

The gallery truly shows some spectacular shots, stills and portraits. Landscapes, pets, dark city streets, flowers of all kinds with rich colors and moods, this group displays a creative collective of impromptu photographers with a capable camera in their hands.

Somewhere over the Atlantic

Too look at more of these tiny pieces of art, check out the dedicated Lumia 920 Flickr group right here. And if you share a similar interest with these other shooters, you can always join the group and share your own creations.

Let us know how you’ve fared with the Lumia 920’s camera in the comments below.