Nokia Phi Ousted; Could Be a Nokia 800 Replacement

It seems the leaks gearing up to Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices are starting to flare up. has revealed a slew of information regarding one of the new Nokia 800 successors. The Nokia Phi, a codename to be replaced by a Lumia XXX name later on, will sport a Qualcomm dual-core CPU, bigger screen, an NFC chip and SD expandable memory slot. The styling is pretty much a bigger, bulkier version of the Nokia 800, including that famous curved screen.

The phone even comes with a brand new sporty yellow coat of paint, much more vibrant than the cyan of the Nokia 900. Although, even though the Nokia 800/900 was praised for its modern design, at least speaking for myself here, the casing is becoming a bit stale. The good news is that as Nokia World approaches in September, there could be new reveals of fantastically new hardware designs.

Here’s hoping Nokia will bring out a few more form factors and spice it up a little. The Nokia Phi is destined to arrive sometime after the release of Windows Phone 8 in the fall.