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Nokia Seeking to Change the Industry

Nokia is looking to put on their boxing gloves and duke it out head to head with Apple and their iPhone. Nokia’s head of design Marko Ahtisaari told news sources that they’ve got something under wraps that will make the current generation of phones seem “dated”. He personaly took swipes at the iPhone, by pointing out that the user interface is “poorly designed” and often “convoluted.” He said this in the context of how closed the iPhone is by its lack of internal user control. When asked about Android, he referenced a similar concept when it comes to developmental control, but referred to one working with an android as only being able to “rearrange the furniture.” Marko wouldn’t comment on the specifics of their new design, but he said it will feature some breakthrough technologies that don’t require the user to interact through a touchscreen to operate it. Whether it will host a Siri voice command style or a motion controlled gesture inputs like a Kinect or something completely new all together, it is obvious that Nokia sees the only way to the top is through a complete game changer of a device. Apple reinvented the smart phone industry several years ago with the iPhone, and maybe Nokia is gearing up to change the industry yet again. We will keep you posted as further developments are released.

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