Nokia’s Pure View to Come to Windows Phone?

Nokia Pure View


Nokia, who has already held high praise for the cameras it puts in cell phones, appears to have yet another camera based technology in its bag of goodies. The company released a 22 second video showing off beautifully crisp shots of snowy landscapes and up close images of frozen branches while terms like “Pure Detail” and “Pure Depth” flash across the screen. The video ends urging us to “Get ready to capture pure view” with the date of 2/27/2012 stated as the announcement day. In a follow up tweet, Nokia promised that they will reveal Pure View at the MWC.

The technology appears to allow users to take more life-like shots with a cell phone camera which might help to bridge the disparity in quality between today’s phone cameras and stand-alone cameras. It is unclear as of now whether Pure View will apply to only still camera shots or video recording as well.

Nokia has recently become one of the leading manufacturer of Windows Phone based devices and it is probable that this technology will come to its future Windows Phones. Pure View would work in harmony with Windows Phone’s requirement for a camera button on every device that takes you to the camera no matter where you are in the software, even if the phone is locked. If the technology delivers what it hints at in the teaser video, future Nokia Windows Phone users will always be one second away from crystal clear photos.

Whatever the full details of the technology are and whatever phone lines they intend to put it on, we wait to discover in five days at the MWC.