Office 2013 Customer Preview Available for Download!

The latest version of Office 2013 is now available for consumers to download. Be warned it is only a customer Preview much like the Windows 8 previews that have been released before. Luckily for you, one does not need to remove previous versions on Office to try out the latest version. It should also be noted that Office 2013 is not compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista. Those of you who have Windows 7 or a Windows 8 preview you can try it out now through the Office preview page.

From what little time we have used Office 2013, the biggest change seems to be the design. Aero Glass is no longer present, and has been replaced with a Zune Metro look. Skydrive has also been integrated into Office, allowing any office documents to be shared between devices via the cloud. PDF support has also been added to Office which is actually a bigger deal than you think.

We gathered a few screens below for you viewing pleasure. Share your thoughts on Office 2013 below!