Opinion: Is Xbox Music a Good or Bad Brand Name?

There are many rumors going around that Xbox music is going to have social features like sharing on Facebook and Twitter. I have one problem with this. It is Xbox Music. If it were Zune I would be fine with it because it was indie and synonymous with music. Xbox music on the other hand might come off to other Facebook followers as if I were trying to push video game music. It simply doesn’t seem cool. Yeah, I have seen the screen shots and it looks as though the software itself will be as hipster as Zune with its diamond filters.

Image via ad2dm.files.wordpress.com

Is diamond replacing triangles as the new hipster shape? I don’t know. But what I do know is that all though it may look cool, branding is also an important part of any service. Yeah gamers might be attracted to Xbox Music but will it convince mom and dad into trying out a Xbox music service? Let me ask you another question. Would you like Instagram or Facebook Pictures? I just feel as though it might have been better if Microsoft labeled there music service Woodstock. It sounds cool. It resonates with any music lover and it has a higher chance of attracting non gamers. Well I just wanted to get that out of my chest. Also I hope Microsoft decides to revamp the current look of the Music app. Grey is the reason I never used iTunes it is soul sucking and uninspiring.

The benefits of having Xbox on the title has a few perks Zune never had. One of them is a large following. Sure Zune has been on Xbox for a couple of years now but many people still don’t know what Zune is. With the massive following of Xbox we might see an influx of users on the Microsoft music service. The main reason movies are even on Zune is because Zune was on Xbox, meaning that Xbox was helping Zune get the exposure it needed. Another benefit of having Xbox Music instead of Zune as the music service is that it will help the Xbox become a media device rather than just a gaming device. Sure some gamers could care less about this and even hate that new media is entering the world of Xbox but that was the destiny of the Xbox since its inception. Bill Gates visited Sony and noticed that the Play Station 2 would eventually disrupt the living room and become an entertainment device that might threaten Windows. Thus Xbox was created. To combat the PS2 and secure the living room. Xbox Music is just another piece of that puzzle.


Will Xbox Music succeed? Who knows? We really don’t know much about the service at this point to make any assumptions. I may be making this into a bigger deal than it is (perhaps bitterness from the Zune re branding). I would like to hear any of your thoughts on Xbox Music. Yes I will use Xbox Music when it is revealed, but for now we will just have to wait and see what Xbox Music will bring to the table ( sharing on Tumblr please). Until then follow and like Zunited for updates on Xbox Music.