Outlook.com – Simple and Modern



How many times have you had to reconfigure your e-mail program to work with a new e-mail address? Do you call the family IT guy or the friend who works in the IT industry? Are you the IT guy that swings by to lend a hand to others in a time of need? Time goes by and you end up changing internet service providers, you know that time when your “bundle deal” runs out. Changing service providers almost always results in yet another new e-mail address for you to deal with. Suddenly it’s a scramble to let all your contacts know about your new e-mail address and then the mad dash to all of your online account websites to update your profile with the new address.

If you’re tired of changing e-mail addresses or want to simplify use with your current e-mail address(es) then head on over and check out the new Outlook.com. When you sign up you’ll get an “Outlook.com” e-mail address which has a nice ring to it. The modern and simple interface at Outlook.com is a great choice for an Outlook client. The great thing about it is that it’s a web app so it follows you from device to device. I even check my e-mail from the XBOX on occasion and it’s the same experience as on a PC or tablet.

Here are some of the benefits that caught my attention.

  • Highest level of security and protection technologies.
  • Modern, simple and intuitive web interface.
  • Sweep (Great for keeping a tidy inbox.)
  • Feels like an app even though it is web based.
  • Easy Navigation between Mail, SkyDrive and People.
  • Support for additional e-mail addresses.






Simplify your e-mail, calendar and contact experience. Go sign up for an Outlook.com account. Cheers.