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One of the neat things about Microsoft is that there’s so much going on. There are so many teams and groups working on different things. Sometimes it’s easy to only notice the bigger products Microsoft has, and that is the reason that I’ve decided to introduce Photosynth to everybody out there who doesn’t already know what it is.

First off, this piece of software is by no means new. It’s been publicly available since 2008. In fact, I was actually reminded of its existence when I visited Microsoft’s website today, as it was featured on the homepage.

Okay, but what is Photosynth? Photosyth is an application developed by Microsoft Live Labs that will take your plain pictures of something and use them to generate a 3D model. If that still makes absolutely no sense at all, take a look at one of my favorite synths.

Different synths have different ways of letting you move about the pictures. The one that I linked to above allows you to rotate around, which is something you can’t really do in a traditional panorama. There are also synths where you are viewing the surrounding area as if looking through the lens of a tripod mounted camera, such as this one.

This is just one of many examples of Microsoft software that gets overlooked. I do, however, suggest that you check it out.