Ping to Outlast Zune Social by… One Month?

Ping has Same Fate as Zune SocialPing, the Zune Social clone, was a service by Apple that never caught on. A great percentage of iTunes users don’t even know what it is exactly. It is no longer accepting new members as the service will be no more by September 30th this year, one month after the Zune Social was removed from the Zune experience. However, the difference is that Zune was being dumbed-down in preparation of Windows 8 and Xbox Music while Ping, on the other hand, was removed because, well, nobody used it. That being said, it’s nice to know that Zune isn’t the only music manager losing features. And on the bright side, the Zune Social will always be the the service that has existed the longest out of the two. It will also be the service that had more active users. The Zune Social was just an all-around better service, in fact.Ping Accepts No New Members