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REDMOND, WA, February 8, 2013–, a prominent website reporting on Microsoft related news, announced in December 2012 that it will be changing its name, to The Redmond Post at the domain Zunited was started 5 years ago as a fan website about the Zune device from Microsoft Corporation. Since then the website has incorporated other news cycles reporting on the wide array of products and services from the Redmond, WA based company, Microsoft. This name change formalizes a shift in reporting as well as changes in organization, focus, and design.

“I believe this will help us be better recognized as a new exciting source for scathing commentary and reporting on Microsoft’s latest technology- Unlike anything else out there. Zunited was an amazing name and website but this latest change will greatly help our website as a whole.” –Jared Marino, Owner and Founder, The Redmond Post

In addition to the change in name, The Redmond Post has introduced a new website design built to allow easy viewing of all the content and articles. This new look is a part of several changes and improvements happening at the website. The Redmond Post has added several new authors to the team to help bolster the new writing style the website hopes to accomplish.

“Our new staff members have bold insight and opinions. We cannot simply regurgitate news, we must provide something new and different- and our new staff members are up to the challenge.” –Jared Marino

Today marks the formal re-launch of the website after two months of development work and social network adjustment.

In addition today signifies the re-launch of the “Zunited Podcast”, now simply “The Redmond Post”. With such personalities on the inaugural episode as Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet and Alex Wilhelm of The Next Web.

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The Redmond Post provides verbal and written commentary and opinionated reporting on the Redmond, WA based company Microsoft Corporation. In addition to providing the latest news, the website hosts scathing opinion articles, a podcast, and other forms of social media. If you would like more information about The Redmond Post, please contact Jared Marino at