Rapper Chamillionaire takes the Windows Phone Challenge

Rapper and singer Chamillionaire. Image credit: Wikipedia

So if you’re keeping count: we’ve got a comic strip creator, a technology reporter and podcaster, a basketball player, and now the next person to take the Windows Phone Challege (WPC, from here on out) is rapper Chamillionaire.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams mainly started the WPC craze when he wrote a blog post about how he was frustrated with his past iPhone and Android devices. He was sent a Windows Phone Mango device, by Director of Windows Phone Apps Brandon Watson, and declared it the victor against the other Apple and Google products. CNET’s Molly Wood was next. Her verdict: “It’s not going to be my next phone.”

Then, Watson asked to send LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device, but we have yet to hear a verdict, or any other information for that matter, from him. Now, it appears that Chamillionaire has been sent a Mango device, as well.

“iPhone, Nexus S, and now Brandon Watson just sent me this new Windows Phone 7,” the rapper tweeted out late Tuesday. “I like all of them.” Well, I suppose that certifies his verdict.

It appears that Watson will stop at nothing. And we like that.

Thanks to Michael who sent this in!