Report: Microsoft announcement will focus on ‘iPad killer’

News of a super-secret Microsoft announcement has been circling the web after invitations were sent out early Thursday. People have been speculating what exactly it could be, most thinking it has something to do with Windows 8 tablets. And for the most part they were in the ballpark — Microsoft is reportedly planning on debuting a tablet device that will directly compete with Apple’s iPad…or as some might call it, an “iPad killer.”

According to TheWrap and AllThingsD, sources familiar with the matter have revealed that Microsoft will unveil a tablet device running Windows 8 (Windows RT) on Monday during the elusive event. The hardware will be manufactured by Microsoft, as well, paralleling the iPad.

The event is set to take place this Monday at 3:30pm PDT in Los Angeles, California. But given its top secret nature, not even a location has been disclosed.

image source: SynerGizmo