Report: Nokia will not be showing off new hardware at Gamescom event

Yesterday, Zunited reported that Microsoft and Nokia will be holding a joint Windows Phone event in Germany for Gamescom, as a rumor — however, it appears the invites sent out were real. The bad news: it appears Nokia will not be unveiling any of its WP7 hardware at the event.

According to a report by This Is My Next, Nokia and Microsoft will be using the Gamescom event as an actual party as it was written on the invitation. Both companies will try to rub elbows with game developers and the like to perhaps get them on board and “build relationships going into the Mango launch.” Since Xbox LIVE and the Games Hub is a huge selling point for Windows Phone, it’s not much of a surprise.

This Is My Next says you shouldn’t be shocked if Nokia shows off Sea Ray, the company’s Windows Phone device, but don’t expect any more information from Nokia nor Microsoft about Windows Phone, both hardware and software.

Nokia is expected to officially announce (and/or launch) Sea Ray this October, a month after most manufacturers will launch their respective Mango devices.