Rewards for Windows Phone 8 Available on Bing Rewards

Apps and Games for WP8 can be paid for using Bing Rewards

With Windows Phone 8 becoming available to the masses this past Friday, it should be no surprise that Bing Rewards is now offering rewards for those who are upgrading to the new handsets. What are the available rewards? The rewards are prepaid cards for apps and games on the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace, a blessing to anyone who doesn’t have access to a charge card of some sort. With Windows Phone 7, prepaid cards were non-existent, and users could not use Microsoft Points from their accounts to make app purchases. This could be very good news to the younger users, who possibly don’t have a credit card to use. The two available options are a $1.25 and a $5.00 prepaid card, which are the same choices you get when browsing prepaid codes for Microsoft Points on the same site. The $1.25 card is priced at 160 Bing Reward credits, and the $5 card is going for 515.

The two choices in prepaid WP8 cardsAlthough your balance for Windows Phone 8 app purchases are likely still not merged with your Microsoft Points balance, this (the availability of prepaid codes) is a step in the right direction for Windows Phone 8, though it is a very small thing.