Rumor: Inbound Lumia May Be Getting Full Android Treatment From “Nokia by Microsoft”


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! That seems to be the stance Microsoft has been taking lately in its “mobile first, cloud first” approach since Satya Nadella took his post as CEO. Microsoft has released new and enhanced services across many platforms, such as Office for iOS and Android, as well as improved Skype and OneDrive applications, among others. With Windows in slow decline and Windows Phone slowly gaining traction, it’s smart for Microsoft to start expanding their software beyond their own ecosystems. What we didn’t expect, though, was for them to do so at the expense of their own OS.

According to @evleaks, it seems that we may be seeing an Android-powered Lumia device at some point. What’s peculiar about this new rumor is that the device will come with the branding “Nokia by Microsoft”, coinciding with reports that Microsoft is in talks to license the Nokia brand for upcoming handsets. Apparently these talks seem to have gone well, as a recent leak allegedly puts the new brand on the unconfirmed Lumia 830 (below).

lumia_830_storyNow while that’s all fine and dandy, what’s confusing is the fact that Microsoft is continuing to produce Android devices itself. It sorta made sense for them to carry on Nokia’s X line of Android devices, as they argued that the lack of Google services allowed Microsoft to potentially reach more people with its own services, but this has me at a loss. The Lumia brand was build on the hopes of growing the Windows Phone ecosystem. Beyond that, Nokia had the Asha brand for feature phones and the X family for Android devices. Slapping Android on a Lumia could serve quite confusing to consumers. Even Samsung knows not to use “Galaxy” with its Tizen or Windows Phone devices. Or maybe I have it wrong, and they’re simply just using a current or past Lumia design but with a different name? Still, it raises some questions about why Microsoft is foraying more and more into Android while its own operating system hangs in the balance.

What do you think? Has the world gone mad? Should Microsoft make an Android-powered Lumia? Could this be just another higher-end X device?