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Rumor: Next Xbox to have 16-core CPU?

There are a lot of rumors about the next generation Xbox console. Some say it will ship with an ARM processor, others say it won’t play used games. Some of these will end up being true while others will go down in gaming infamy as being silly speculation.

One of the latest rumors is that the next generation Xbox will boast an impressive 16-core CPU. Some say this will be needed because the next generation version of Kinect will eat up those cores to perform tasks like finger tracking. It seems plausible that a processor with a lot of cores would help Kinect but this rumor is very far fetched.

16-core CPU’s are a rarity even in the PC community. AMD released the first 16-core CPU for businesses late last year. While I expect Microsoft to make the next generation Xbox more powerful than the Xbox 360 currently is, I think this is overkill.

If you can’t help but roll your eyes when you read about this rumor than you’ve been through a few console generations before. It is best to be skeptical of everything and let Microsoft impress us if these crazy rumors come true so that we are surprised.

Do you think this rumor will end up becoming a reality?

Source: CVG