Rumor: Samsung Releasing Three New Windows Phone for 2012

As it stands now, Nokia is stealing all the headlines as the Lumia 900 is set to release just a couple of days from now. That doesn’t mean that other OEMs are sitting idle on their Windows Phone offerings. One such company is Samsung, and if rumors are to be believed they might have three new devices floating around shelves by the end of the year.

According to Samsung is developing three handsets, one being the fabled Mandel, and two others probably running Apollo. The Mandel devices is important because it is said to have an LTE antenna, which could potentially come around later this summer before the big news of Windows Phone 8 stats to roll out of Microsoft.

With Nokia and HTC as of now placing some good hardware in the hands of customers and taking the brunt of the Windows Phone pie, how well Samsung starts to differentiate itself from these two companies could be the key at their success. Hopefully, it wont be long before we see one of these phones hit the market.

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