Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Believes the HTC Trophy Windows Phone to be the best Smartphone

First, we had Apple’s very own Siri go on video to say that the Lumia 900 is the best smartphone. This time around, we have the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3 singing a similar tune. The Galaxy S3 also has a voice enabled assistant on board dubbed SVoice (yeah we know the resemblance is uncanny, especially when you consider that Siri could have simply been labeled iVoice, but I digress), which also says that the HTC Trophy is the best smartphone, when prompted. This means that Windows Phone has secured praises from both iOS and Android, the top dogs run by Apple and Google . The Galaxy S3 is supposed to be one of Google’s flagship phones.

Although it would be great to think that these companies are patting Windows Phone OS in the back, they are sadly not. iPhones Siri is not bound to human bias and so is the Galaxy’s S3 SVoice. Both Siri and SVoice search the web to find that Windows Phones has the highest rating by customers. That is how the Lumia 900 is given the rank of best smartphone of all time by Siri and why the HTC Trophy Windows Phone is found to be among the best Smartphones by the Galaxy S3, as noted by the inquirer.

Will Samsung block the Htc Trophy from the list of best smartphone like Apple did with Siri? Leave a comment below with your response.