Skydrive and Skype Apps Get an Update

Recently, there have been two updates for two of the most important apps that Microsoft has in its arsenal of goodies. Both the Skype and Skydrive apps have an update available to them.

The Skydrive app now allows for moving and deleting files within your Skydrive storage, a valuable addition in order to give this app a well rounded and fully functional feel. It also restructures some of the information available, moving the contents of each folder and adding that number to the featured image of the folder. That isn’t all, once inside any folder, the ability to share files with others is also added. This is great when editing files or sharing pictures of work projects (a feature that I use regularly on the web browser Skydrive interface). You can also select multiple files at once (think Windows Phone email feature) and either delete or move them. Very useful update if you ask us.

The Skype update brings this version to gold (1.0) and you can finally add contacts from the app itself. No need to go fiddle in the web browser to add new contacts to your list. A very welcomed addition.

You can find these updates through your Marketplace tile.

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