Skype App to Come Within First Half of 2012

Here is more good news coming after the CES reveal of Nokia’s Lumia 900 (sporting a front facing camera, no less) and HTC’s Titan II. According to Paul Thurrott’s website a source within indicates that Skype will be ready and willing to appear in Windows Phone devices as soon as the first half of 2012.

The application might first come in an app form before being deeply integrated into the OS itself, much rumored to be in the Apollo update in Q4 of this year. After the purchase of the video chat giant by Microsoft in October of 2011, the public at large has been clamoring for the application to show up in Windows Phone devices. At first, Skype was rumored to come into fruition for the Microsoft OS in late 2011, but as the end of the year came and went, this is the first public news that the app will come soon.

Maybe now that the huge marketing push between Nokia, AT&T and Microsoft with the imminent release of the Lumia 900 will come shortly, as early as March 18th by some reports, a Skype app emerging at the same time would increase chatter and buzz around the device, the OS, and the app as well.

With over 663 million Skype accounts accounted for (as of September of 2011), the applications introduction into Windows Phone is a huge boon for both Microsoft and Nokia to ride the popularity of the service. Of course, only time will tell if the online communications service roll out will coincide with the release of the much anticipated Nokia device.

Comment below about the potential release of the application. Is the applications late arrival a problem or just smart marketing?