Don’t Freak – Surface Pro has all the storage you need.

background2Recently Microsoft announced the storage space on its 64GB Surface Windows 8 Pro would leave 23GB of available space to the customer due to the size requirements of the Windows 8 Pro operating system, touch and pens drivers, and all of the other goodies that make a Windows 8 Pro computer …well… Pro.

We were expecting lower disk space, but not quite this low.

Stop freaking out and remember one thing- this is a computer. Not only is it a full computer but it is built to solve this very problem. Note only can you add an external hard drive, but MicroSD High Capacity cards are a natural and inexpensive companion.

MicroSD High Capacity Cards

32GB MicroSDHC Card from Best Buy for $32

The Redmond Post highly recommends a cheap and inexpensive MicroSD card to accompany your new Surface. This super small inexpensive cards are priced at about $1 per GB and can permanently (or non-permanently) expand the storage of your device without having to carry around anything. The Surface Windows 8 Pro has a built-in SD Card slot that seamlessly integrates in the side of the device.

Microsoft has anticipated this problem and built-in a solution. Inexpensive cards like this one can add an instant 32GB of breathing room without adding an external component to the device.

External Hard Drives

Keep in mind the Surface is a computer, and as such can be expanded till your heart’s content with a USB 3.0 high speed external hard drive. The possibilities there are endless. Expand to 1TB go right ahead! Not this of course is not ideal because it will require a hard drive sticking out of the device, but it is an effective workaround.

Why this doesn’t really matter

This doesn’t really matter for the general customer. Bold statement? Yes. However over time we will come to rely on physical storage less and less. SkyDrive is revolutionizing the way we store information. Whether your storage is in the cloud or is stored on another computer in your network at home the Surface Windows 8 Pro is ready to connect to those services.

Why this really does matter

While the Surface is deeply connected to the cloud, cloud storage cannot be seen as a justifiable alternative until the Surface has 4G connectivity built-in. If you can access your files everywhere there is a 4G connection then you are as good as gold. But if you are a prisoner to WiFi signals (as you will be at first) then might we recommend one of the solutions above?