Surface RT spotted at Staples, Best Buy later today

Capture 123Microsoft announced yesterday that it will be expanding the Surface with Windows RT distribution channels in hopes that they will draw larger sales to their new first party device. So far, it has been confirmed that Surface will be found at Staples and Best Buy in the United States within the week. Surface was spotted on minutes ago, but required a little bit of digging. Going to the search panel and just typing in “surface” yielded results of convertible ultrabooks, not the device itself. You actually have to search for “Surface RT” to come directly to the results for the new line of surface products. By going to the tablet section of the website and scrolling about halfway down the page, the device’s listing at standard prices of $499 for the 32Gb model, $599 for the 32 GB bundle, and $699 for the 64Gb bundle. Interestingly, the thumbnails for the bundles show the device on its kickstand with the touch cover clicked in, but to the casual observer, it appears as if it is just another ultrabook. Pictures for all of the accessories aren’t even properly loading as of yet, and it seems like things are coming online slowly. Best Buy is planning on listing the surface later this afternoon, around 2:00 PM, and actually having it in their retail stores and select mobile stores by Sunday.


The link for surface at staples:


Update: If you are on the, and you just search the word, “surface,” it populates a list of all of their Surface RT products. However, images for type covers still do not work just yet.


Update: Surface with windows RT is now listed on, and you can find it by simply searching surface. However, their pictures are lacking as well when you look at the product pages themselves. However, their “learn more” section has a nice rotating view of the surface by itself along with a few pictures and descriptions that mimic what is listed on the surface website hosted by Microsoft. Interestingly, though, you cannot purchase a touch cover or type cover alone, like you can at staples. The only way you can get a touch cover is to buy it in a bundle, and it seems like type covers are completely out of the question. It will be interesting to see if that will change for their in store displays, as many consumer’s fingers will be itching to try out each cover and see which one they like better.

Update: Surface RT is featured on the front page of Best Buy’s website, and it is listed for sale at local Staples. More to come!