Surface Windows 8 Pro | What’s Next

Microsoft lives the “Be What’s Next” Message

Ever since I started getting involved with technology and Microsoft I have wanted this day to come. Unfortunately back then wasn’t the time. The computers of the late 1990’s were purely function. They were not a part of our lives. Those computers were mediums by which work got done and Microsoft made money. The Compaq’s and Gateway’s of that era were just commodities and owning your own personal technology was for more privileged people.

It is only when society took a major shift that Microsoft took notice. Their dream of “a computer on every desk running Microsoft software” had been realized. Microsoft did it. As so very few companies do, Microsoft accomplished their lofty mission statement. Being so entrenched in the lives of every consumer means it is time to push the envelope yet again.

Microsoft dipped it’s toes into hardware development several times in the past: Succeeded with Xbox, Failed with Zune, but most importantly learned. We are now in a world of devices- laptops, desktops, netbooks, iPhones, ultrabooks, galaxies, Bluetooth, Android pads, and of course a litany of Android phones. It’s a mess. Congratulations Microsoft! You brought a new era in computing, now what?

We need direction again.

Microsoft new mission statement is “Be What’s Next”. Damn right, it is time. Since the dawn of computing, society has looked towards Microsoft for what’s next. It’s a tall order. This segmented and fragmented array of computers and devices is crippling. We want a device that is super portable, feather light, and will run every program and app from Photoshop to Oregon Trail. We don’t have it. The world has a choice- bring your full size laptop (which is massive but you need the performance), bring your iPad or Andriod Tab (but without productivity and advanced functionality), bring your phone (but good luck writing up that paper).

The average person has three devices but wants to have only two. You demand a computer, tablet, and a phone. It’s cumbersome, it’s annoying, it’s a lot to carry. How about another option? How about what’s next?

Surface Windows 8 Pro

Surface is what’s next. It is everything you demand from a fully powered laptop computer in the size of a portable tablet. It is the epitome of what our society wants in a device. This is your computer and tablet in one device. The Surface is your personal little sidekick for all that you need to do. Want to create in Photoshop? Go right ahead. Need to use the full Outlook for work? Be our guest. Want a touch friendly interface with fun games and apps? Windows 8 and Xbox got you covered.

On February 9th 2013 we are going to have a solution to our devices mess. From a business woman who needs a computer that she can take on business trips and give presentations from, to a student who wants a fun touch friendly tablet to play games and occasionally do his school work- Surface Windows 8 Pro is the answer.

How you may ask? Here’s the geek talk onslaught: Surface features a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB Solid State Hard Drive, USB 3.0, and Bluetooth 4.0. The screen is full 1080p high definition, the same output as your 50″ plasma at home. That is the type of pixel density and color gamut you can expect from the Surface. All of this and it is still 2lbs and 13.5 mm thin.

It’s not all good

The Surface may be what’s next but will that message be lost? We are in an iPad and Android heavy world right now. There advertising has been saturating the airwaves and the brand recognition is high. We are still far from the day where the majority of devices you see out on an airplane are Surface. There is still room for optimism- This is the ground floor of not just another generation of the same iPad, not just another Android device named after a flashy verb, but a whole new class of device.

Surface is not a tablet, Surface is not a laptop- Surface is what’s next.