Surprise release of Microsoft Flight! Feb29


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Surprise release of Microsoft Flight!

Just recently, Microsoft released it’s newest version of their flight simulator, Microsoft Flight. This of course includes a new look, new plan selection, and dynamic landscaping and scenario. I’ve already installed and tested the software, and you can tell that Microsoft put a good deal of money into this. As you see in the picture above, you are greeted by a beautiful home menu and when you install it yourself, you’ll be welcomed with deep, motivational feeling music along with it. Top marks, so far.

I went on to testing the tutorial, and the first thing I noticed is that the graphics are mediocre, but overall good graphics for a free simulator, though. So I’m not complaining. The controls are easy to learn, and so far the missions that the program assigns you are what I would think are actual pilots would have to go through(Obviously!)

After peeking and testing Microsoft Flight, I personally think that if you’re a simulator kind of person, you’re going to have fun with this one. Happy Flying!