T-Mobile support page states ‘HD7 update available’

T-Mobile’s support page for its Windows Phone HTC HD7 is currently displaying that an update for the mobile phone is available.

At this point, the only update that would be available is Windows Phone 7.5, codename Mango, which has been rumored for a September 15th release (tomorrow). However, it is not known whether or not the support page is old and is specified for NoDo or if it was recently updated for Mango.

The page reads:

HD7 Update Available

NOTE: Do not call T-Mobile Customer Support in regards to getting the HD7 Update.

Notifications will be sent to customers at random over the next few weeks. To complete the update, customers will need to tether their device to a computer and complete the upgrade through Zune.

Go to the T-Mobile HTC HD7 support page for more info.

Thanks David!