The Gunstringer out now for Windows 8



In the year 2011 Twisted Pixel created one of the best Kinect games simply titled The Gunstringer. The Gunstringer was originally planned to be a downloadable title on XBLA but due to its good use of motion controls, Microsoft decided to bundled every Kinect peripheral with a free copy of the game. Soon after that Microsoft acquired the company Twisted Pixel and all of its Intellectual Properties.

The Gunstringer has now been brought back in the new game titled The Gunstringer Dead Man Running. The main difference between this new game and the Kinect game is the fact that it runs on Windows 8 mouse and touch screen devices. The Gunstinger Dead Man running was developed by the Canadian studio called Other Ocean interactive. Fans of the iOS game Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride will find similarities in this game due to its endless running stages. The added 15 levels and customization options should satisfy old fans but if you were seeking for more the game will also feature future updates with more features.

Strangely enough, the game is only available for those with Windows 8 not Windows 8 RT. Surface owners will have to wait and see if Microsoft and Other Ocean interactive are planning on porting it to Windows RT devices. Seeing how Minesweeper has made the jump to Windows RT, it shouldn’t be long before we see the Gunstringer on Surface devices. Another odd fact about the game is that the Microsoft apps page describes the game as “On sale for a limited time”. Either way the Gunstringer is a nice addition to the Windows Store.

Xbox Enabled

The Gunstringer Dead Man Running features Xbox Live integration with Asynchronous challenges and leaderboards in a so called “Endless Runner” mode. The game also has 20 achievements each worth 10 G’s so those looking to increase their gamer score by 200 points this might be the game for you.


The Gunstringer returns on Windows 8 in this all-new sprint-to-the-finish twist on the wildly successful Xbox Kinect game!

Hit the trail at a dead run as you race through three sprawling Wild West locations and 15 levels as the Gunstringer, the legendary skeleton cowboy marionette bent on vengeance. But as the ol’ saying goes—if you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride! Avoid deadly obstacles, take aim in fast-action shootin’ challenges, collect tasty loot, and battle outlaws—all while being pursued by the hands of Hell!

Complete the level-driven Story mode, and then challenge friends for braggin’ rights and loot payouts in three Endless Run levels. Exchange hard-earned loot for new customization options such as weapons, power-ups, and more to aid in the Gunstringer’s quest for the evil bandit!