The iPad Mini Defies All Logic

As windows users, we often sit on the sidelines and giggle at the Apple fanboys who stand in line for hours to pay full price for a new product that only hosts a miniscule amount of new features. Many people would find it more convenient if the money that they spend on apple products were deducted from their pay checks just as taxes are because their money will end up in the back pocket of the richest company in the world either way. First the iPod, then the iTouch, then the iPhone, and finally the iPad. It seems that there is no other direction apple can go. The iPad seems to be that sweet spot between too big and too large as if goldy locks herself picked it out. However, due to very competitive pricing strategies and effective advertising, the Kindle Fire has found its way into quite a large number of homes. While the sales figures aren’t great for the fire, it is probably the best iPad alternative, running $200 cheaper for only a few lost inches in screen size. Recently, Google announced its new Android based slate device that is similar in size to the Fire and, while there is little hype behind this “just another Android device,” Google seems to believe that the Amazon got it right in the screen size department. 

So now that slates and Hummers are getting smaller, not bigger, rumors are buzzing that apple is planning on an iPad Mini. These rumors made me scratch my head. When it was first announced, I scoffed at the iPad. While wrong, I thought that no one would buy an “Oversized iTouch.” If I weren’t so wrong the first time, I would gladly speak out and say that no one would buy an “Oversized Android Phone without the phone.” But yet again, following my own (and most likely incorrect) twisted logic, I don’t see how an iPad mini could be successful unless it is priced competitively with the Fire and Nexus. The logic is as follows:


The iPad is an oversized iTouch

The iPad Mini is an undersized iPad

iPad Mini = iTouch



iTouch - iPad Converter

So of course that would not exactly be the case, because a mini would have a 6 to 8 inch screen, while the iPhone has a screen less than 4 inches and the iPad is upwards of 11 inches. And maybe an iPad mini wouldn’t fit in as many pockets as an iPhone or an iTouch without a bit of forceful thinking. I just can’t help but feel that the average Apple fanboy, listening to music on his iPhone while browsing on his iPad is going to shell out another $300 for an iPad mini. I’ve been known to be wrong on this subject before, but what are your opinions fellow Zunites? Let us know with a comment below!