The Wall of 25 Apps

App Wall copy

[UPDATE] Those of us with a strong movie and T.V. addiction will find solace in the newest addition to hit the Microsoft App Marketplace. Today, HuluPlus has arrived for Windows Phone 8 devices. The new app will be available for those with a paid subscription to the online service. Those without a subscription or still stuck on Windows Phone 7.x (which seems more common these days to be left out) will be out of luck.

With this new addition and the current offering from Netflix, Windows Phone 8 users are finally getting a well rounded cache of video apps. All we need is an official HBO GO app and we can safely say that WP8 users will be well covered in that department.

[UPDATE] After a month since our last update, we now have the official Tumbler app for Windows Phone 8 devices (sorry, no Windows Phone 7 need apply). The app is now available in the Microsoft Store, so if you fancy some Tumblin’ on the go, now’s the time to do so.

[UPDATE] We didn’t even have to let the ink dry on the Pandora announcement before another much desired app arrived into the Microsoft Windows Phone marketplace. Temple Run is now available for download, and free as well. That’s two major apps in our list taken down within a week.

[UPDATE] As you may have heard, Pandora has finally reached the Windows Phone shores. Even better is the fact that the app will be devoid of advertisements for a year allowing you uninterrupted music playback. Although available for Windows Phone 8 devices only, this is a major app revealed late last year and it will bring plenty of potential customers on the fence about Windows Phone right on over.

Windows Phone 8 has come at an impasse in its development. While its prominence in the mobile market increases with the help of polarizing hardware provided by HTC and Nokia, its shortcomings become all the more visible as scrutiny of its ecosystem is augmented. Sure, Microsoft has some tight integration with its Office, Skydrive and Xbox (mostly) applications nestled into the guts of the phone, but its biggest drawback is its lack of a clear 1:1, app-for-app match with the competing ecosystems out there.

Ballmer and company are aware of this. They have publicly declared war on the absence of notable apps located on other app stores not their own. But, just as the will to match Windows Phone’s app store with that of the competition, it’s also clear that things will move slowly towards achieving parity to other marketplaces.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with the Wall of 25 Apps, a visual representation of the 25 apps that are in the best interest of Microsoft to obtain. Missing apps will be grayed out, and as each app below is added to the Store, they will be colored in as it comes to Windows Phone users.

Although not definitive, this list shows the full gamut of differentiation other ecosystems enjoy. We hope that the sooner we color in the missing apps, the better our beloved, live-tiled OS will perform out there in the market.

The list:
Flipboard, Instagram, Pinterest, HBO Go, Letterpress, Infinity Blade I & II, Dropbox, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Photoshop Elements, Snapseed, Square, StumbleUpon, Temple Run I & II, Minecraft, Wells Fargo, RunKeeper, WebMD, 500px, GetGlue, Tumblr,, Bad Piggies, SongPop, Nook Reader

Any apps you think worthy of inclusion, let us know on the comments below.