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Touch Screen Controllers may be the Next Generation in Gaming

CVG is stirring up the rumor pot by reporting that Microsoft is experimenting with a touch screen type of controller for the next generation xbox. With the Wii U featuring a large touch screen controller and the next Playstation featuring a similar type of system with their new Vita that will be able to connect to future consoles, it isn’t surprising that this type of news is coming out of the rumor mill. The claim is that the controller will be more streamlined in comparison to its Wii counterpart, and similar in many ways to the Vita. The idea being that there will be the traditional Xbox thumb sticks that we all know and love combined with a touch screen in some way. While there is a seemingly intentional build of hype for the touch screen controller, they point out that the in depth Kinect integration will not be discounted when combined with a new controller.

The touch screen makes sense for using your xbox out of games. Browsing web content, sliding between tile clusters in the metro UI, and changing the channel on your TV would be a great use for the controller integrated touch screen. However, the uses in game seem limited, but there is a lot of potential. For example, selecting a play in a Madden or NCAA video game on the screen while your opponent is sitting next to you gives somewhat of an advantage as he or she knows what to prepare for. Being able to select your plays on the integrated touch screen would offer the privacy one requires when coaching their favorite NFL or college team. In the fast paced environment of a Call of Duty type of game, mini map, in game objectives, and the control of some kill streaks would be an awesome implementation of this new technology. Looking down at your controller to land a predator missile would simulate what it would be like to watch it drop from an actual bomb sight (come one now, lets use a bit of our imaginations).

While many are saying that this is a bad idea, and that Xbox should stick with what it does best, I am completely open to the idea of integrating a touch screen into the controller. Xbox will definitely survive without it, but it would be a great way for it to stay competitive in what looks like the making of a great generation in gaming.

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