Verizon to jump on data capping bandwagon

Verizon announced that it will be shifting gears from offering unlimited data plans to a new 3 tier limited data plan. Verizon customers currently enjoy unlimited data for a cool $29.99 a month. Customers who already have this option will retain it as long as the keep paying for it, and they’ll retain their unlimited data even if they sign a new contract (aka, get a new phone). So this is news that impacts future smart phone buyers who are already on the Verizon network and for people who are considering switching. If you are already a smart phoner and on the network, nothing has to change unless you want it to.

The new plan outlines that three different options will be available for future customers. Your first option is 2 gigabytes of data transfer for the usual $30 a month. The second option is 5 gigabytes for $50, and the last is 10 gigabytes for $80 a month. Should you go over your limit, you will buy the next 2 GB for $20. For those who are not well versed in paying cell phone bills (lucky you), if you get the 2 gigabyte plan, and you go 1 kilobyte over, you will be charged $20 because you pay for what you use ahead of time, whether you use it or not.

So the question lingers: should I worry about going over 2 gigabytes of data on my phone? If you are just the business casual user, then no. In fact, if all you do is send and recieve e-mails, and you don’t open attachments that you receive in your e-mails, then you have the option to purchase 75 megabytes (not gigabytes) of data for $10, and you will rarely go over unless you send and recieve about 5,000 emails a month. What if you are into social networking? I don’t mean facebook, I mean, pulling out your super awesome phone to show all of your friends the latest and greatest youtube classic social networking. For you, 2 GB of data is probably right. If you are a person who prefers to study or work utilizing your favorite music streaming site, like pandora, or maybe you prefer to download your zunepass content and apps straight to your windows phone through the network, you may want to consider a bit more than 2 GB. If you consider having the internet to download apps and stream lots and lots of music and videos for several hours each day, also never hesitating to grab that cool new app, burning through 5 gb won’t be a problem for you. But what about the so called “expert” phone users. If you use your cell phone to tether your computer to the internet so that you can bypass local internet so that you can grab your favorite torrents a little more “anonymously,” or lets say that you prefer to play Xbox live from your 4G connection. For you, my dear dear friend, I would suggest you switch to Sprint. Sprint, as of now, is the only major provider that still offers the choice of truly unlimited data.

Unlimited data plans are going out of style, an obvious fact of the times. Sprint is holding steadfast and has stated that they want to provide data experiences that all the user to “get the most out of their smartphone.” If you are an avid Zuner, then you have likely noticed all of the hoopla surrounding the new Windows 7 Phone update that is currently being run through the development mill. Many of us (including myself) are awaiting a contract experiation or new hardware/software update, news like these new data caps should be something that you should be paying very close attention to.

What type of data user are you? What do you think about Verizon’s new data plans? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below!