Watch Presidential Debates on XBox & Receive Free Halo 4 Avatar Swag

With the Presidential race heating up and all the major networks, blogs, and news sites digging into the media train, Microsoft would like to remind you that it, too, has its own window into the debates. Through Xbox Live, people will be able to watch the four presidential debates scheduled before the November election. Each debate will be broadcast live and will include interactive polling mechanisms that participants watching the debates can pitch in their opinions.

As an incentive to those who normally would ignore the political quadrennial event, Microsoft will throw in free Halo 4 armor for your Xbox Avatar. If you catch the debates and join in for at least three of the four debates over Xbox Live, they will reward you with a free armor from the upcoming (and no doubt blockbuster) Halo 4 game to spiff up your avatar.

To see more details of the promotion click here for the informational webpage.