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Welcome to the Redmond Post! The new Zunited

tilelockupznThe future of Zunited… the Redmond Post.

Ladies and Gentlemen and faithful Zunited followers! I am so very excited to introduce you to the future of Zunited, the Redmond Post. The decline of the Microsoft Zune hit our site hard and while we all hold the Zunited brand very dear and have worked for years to build it up, we felt the best way to move forward into the wonderful world of Microsoft based websites is to rebrand. I believe this will help us be better recognized as a new exciting source for interesting commentary and news reporting on Microsoft’s latest technology. Zunited was an amazing name and website but this latest change will greatly help the website as a whole.

In addition to the name change, there are a number of exciting changes that will be taking place in the coming days:

  • Social Media and formal URL transition will occur over the next couple of days, you can expect some minor downtime as a result.
  • Finalization and last tweaks to the new Metro UI inspired website theme.
  • Formal re-launch as the Redmond Post to other media outlets and subscriber base.
  • Re-Organization of staff including a new head administrator, to be announced in the coming days.
  • Hiring of new writing staff members and podcast hosts!
  • Re-launch/Re-branding of the Zunited Podcast with new and old hosts!
  • Retooled membership system and commenting system.

Now is the time for your ideas to be heard! As we establish our new name and website we want to read and seriously consider your comments to THIS POST. Please reply to this post with your feedback or email me directly at webmaster@redmondpost.com

In addition we are now opening up to business and advertising inquiries and arrangements. Please email inquiries@redmondpost.com if curious.

Jared Marino
Owner / Manager, The Redmond Post