What’s Coming to Zunited

Big Changes are Underway for Zunited

We at Zunited are proud to announce some interesting new changes and exciting opportunities that will unfold over the next month.

Theme Changes

Zunited will be undergoing a theme redesign to better align with Microsoft’s Metro design scheme. This means a clean, revamped interface, with a darker, more colorful look.


Zunited is excited to bring back the forum presence to the website, where anyone can post their thoughts about the latest news or just casually chat with others and have their voice heard. This will give us a way to read the pulse of our readers thoughts and hear what you like and ideas you have. There will be a few changes to the new Zunited Forum, as opposed to the past forum:

  • All users will sign up and be able to post on the Zunited Forum by logging in via Facebook. The connection with Facebook currently powers all comments on Zunited and will soon be key in signing in to the Zunited Forum.
  • The new forum will be lean. Instead of fragmenting into 10+ boards, the new forum will be leaner, allowing for more variety of posts and topics.

Zunited Podcast

We are pleased to announce the return of the Zunited Podcast with your hosts, Josh Martin and Anna Yap. The Zunited Podcast will be returning, commenting on the latest Microsoft and Technology news from a personal angle. Josh Martin, host and producer of the podcast has been a member of Zunited for some time. Anna Yap, our administrative manager has hosted the podcast since the beginning and brings her quirky take on life to technology news. It is conversational, funny, and delivers you the latest information while your drive, or run, or do anything using your hands (well maybe not anything, though I guess technically you could listen to the podcast through anything, though there are some things that we maybe don’t want to be on during, well, basically don’t make us the background to your murder and/or lovemaking and we’re good. :)

Staff Opportunities

With change comes opportunity! Zunited is looking to fill the following positions:

Marketing Manager

The Zunited Marketing Manager is the first “paid” position at Zunited. The Marketing Manager looks for opportunities for Zunited to shine. They will contact businesses for advertising opportunities, look for events and programs for the site to participate in, and update and manage all Zunited social networking. The Marketing Manager will work very closely with the Administrators, who have the final say on business deals involving any funds. The Marketing Manager will be paid a commission of 30% of income they generate for the website. If interested, please apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to staffing@zunited.net

Forum Administrator

Forum Administrator is responsible for all things relating to the forum. This includes the hiring of a moderation staff, creation of policies, boards, and layout. This position is not paid but adds valuable resume experience and learning opportunities.

Forum Moderators

Zunited will be looking for Forum Moderators about one month after the forum is opened. These positions will be offered to members of the forum who are active and respectable. The position is not paid.


This is a very exciting time for us! Stay tuned for all the latest updates as they are made available.