Will Microsoft make Office for iOS?

Office for iOS has been the trending topic the last few month’s and has caused quite a debate on the tech scene. Many argue that if Microsoft were to allow a port of Office over to rival platforms it would hurt the freshly revamped Windows operating system, Windows 8. Devices like the Microsoft Surface tablet can be harmed sales wise if Office were no longer exclusive to Windows 8. Other’s argue that Microsoft is losing the chance to make a boat load of money by capitalizing on the lack of proper business software on iOS. Apple the market leader in the mobile tablet space has no powerful Office alternative, surely it will make record revenue. Should Microsoft allow this drastic decision of Office take place? Let’s take a further look at the situation.

If Microsoft were to allow Office on iOS .

If Microsoft were to allow Office on iOS there would be no doubt in my mind the it would be a huge hit on the highly acclaimed App Store. Office has always been the software choice among businesses. As of late many employees have been switching from laptops to tablets such as the iPad. Theses mobile devices have given employees a lightweight entertainment device that can offer some benefits in a business environment that a bulky laptop can not provide, but at the same time crippled their productivity. Many have been chasing workarounds over the lack of Office on iPad and have come up with cloud solutions that emulate the Office experience; sure it is a little rough around the edges but it gets the job done.

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Office on the App Store

The downside for Microsoft in allowing Office in the App Store is that it would mean that Microsoft would have to fork over 30% of the profits it would receive. Now lets be honest, 30% is a lot of money especially when you consider the fact that Office alone would be able to keep Microsoft afloat if anything were to happen to the other divisions within Microsoft. Office is already on Macs but that’s because Microsoft does not have to deal with Apple’s closed garden.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft was rumored to be making a huge surprise in allowing Office onboard the App Store but with a twist of a Subscription service. Surely that would help defend against Apples clutches right? Wrong. Just recently, Microsoft tested the waters of this subscription service with a Skydrive subscription; the update to the Skydrive iOS app was quickly rejected by Apple and with it Microsoft’s hopes of creating a fully optimized Office app. All that you can expect now is a Office viewer, an app that allows you to see your Office documents. Perhaps one day Microsoft will find a loophole but for the foreseeable future I don’t really see an Office app in the horizon at least not on iOS.