Window Phone 8 will support 1080p Resolutions

The Verge has learned through close sources of the matter that Windows Phone 8 will support 1080p resolutions. The update will come later this year for new devices with 5 inch, or higher devices. Windows Phone 8 currently supports 720p resolutions WVGA, and WXGA.

The title to the update is known as a General Distribution Release (GDR3) and will be ready to be deployed alongside new Windows Phone devices during the holidays. The GDR3 update will also support new Qualcomm processors, allowing manufacturers to opt for quad-core devices. Windows Phone has been highly criticized in the past for not supporting multiple cores, hopefully this will change that fact by the end of the year.

Another update coming to us in the near future is the 2014 Windows Phone Blue update which will further tie Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The Blue update is said to put Microsoft in a new time table when releasing updates for their Operating Systems. The transition is said to bring Microsoft to a yearly update schedule to put it on par with other companies like Apple and Google.

HTC has canceled phones in the past due to Windows Phones lack of 1080p support.