Windows Phone 7.5 Mango available; 98% of current devices to receive it ‘within four weeks’

After months since Windows Phone 7.5 Mango was announced, earlier this spring, the mobile operating system update is finally finding its way onto phones all around the world today. Late last week, reports stated September 27th would be “Mango day,” earlier today support pages for Sprint showed an update was available (Mango) — those rumors and news pieces are correct.

Zunited users chimed in that they had received notice of an update available and many have completed the process.

But after an entire summer of Microsoft touting “this fall” as the release date for the update, the company has officially launched it.

In a statement, Microsoft said phones would “ding” with the update. Windows Phone 7.5 will “gradually roll out” to preexisting Windows Phones and will come preloaded on all future devices. Ninety-eight percent of all preexisting phones should have the update within the next four weeks.

On the official Windows Phone blog, Microsoft explained that the less-than-speedy rollout is to be expected since the update is essentially various different operating systems delivered to a variety of handsets (credit to manufacturers’ own softwares).

By week’s end, only 10% of customers will have received the update. Users who are a bit antsy can check the “Where’s My Phone Update?” page on the official website.

(Tell us if you have Mango already!)